Welcome to the Beaver Brigade!

We are a dedicated supporters group for the Canadian Women’s Soccer Team. We are based in Vancouver, BC but have members from across Canada and the US. Our goal is to provide the best (and loudest) support for the CanWNT team wherever they are playing.  Our intention is not to compete with The Voyageurs, but to add to their ranks – helping build supporter culture across Canada. We plan to stand alongside the V’s this summer – and sing WITH them to show our love and support for our team.

We are a female-led organization with a strong mandate to encourage more women and girls to become active in supporter culture. That being said, we welcome anyone and everyone who wants to support the CanWNT. All ages, all genders, all sexual orientations. All you need is a love for the RED + WHITE and the willingness to show your support through singing, flag waving and having fun!

If you are interested in supporting with us, check out the JOIN US page.

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